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Tecniplast DVC talks to AniBio software from NorayBio

Tecniplast & NorayBio are pleased to announce the successful integration of NorayBio’s AniBio Animal Management System with Tecniplast DVC System....
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NorayBio takes part in the “4th International Conference on Environmental Specimen Banks”

NorayBio, thanks to its experience in computer tools that facilitate the day-to-day work of a biobank, will take part in...
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Back to school! First stops, Poland and Sweden, and… October full of surprises!

NorayBio starts the course strongly. NorayBio starts September with lots of energy. After PolLASA congress in Warsaw, our sales team...
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NorayBio takes part in the new R&D European proyect iKnowIT – 03.07.2017 IKnowIT – 03.07.2017

IKnowIT "Clinical Decision Support platform for Pancreatic Cancer" EUROSTARS-2 (2017-2019) Call identifier: E! 10959 / CIIP-20171003 Grant: 200.624,40€ Project funded...
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Great days for NorayBio at ScandLAS, AFSTAL and CALAS congresses – 27.06.2017

From Copenhagen to Calgary via Lyon. This has been the itinerary of our commercial team in recent weeks. First was...
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NorayBio enjoys a succesful SECAL Congress – 20.06.2017

From 13 to 16 June, NorayBio was present at the XIV SECAL Congress. On Tuesday we had the opportunity to...
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STEQ, new distribution agreement in Brazil – 19.06.2017

The Brazilian market has been one of the most important bets of recent years for NorayBio. Its great potential and...
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Lantra & NorayBio join their technologies to improve user’s experience

Lantra and NoraBio are pleased to announce this partnership which sees both companies working together so as to provide enhanced...
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New AniBio client in Brazil

NorayBio has gained a client in the South American country thanks to the excellent commecial activity of NorayBio and its...
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Vivari, new NorayBio distributor in Poland

NorayBio opens the Polish market with a distribution agreement of AniBio line products with the local company Vivari. Thanks to...
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Distribution agreement in Canada after CALAS/ACSAL symposium

NorayBio participated for the first time at the most important exhibition of the lab animal science in Canada where the...
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Nobilis. New business agreement of NorayBio in Benelux

NorayBio has reached an agreement with the company Nobilis for the promotion and distribution of its products in Belgium, Holland,...
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Don’t miss the opportunity to meet us at LASA, from the 22nd to the 24th of November

Don't miss the opportunity to learn more about the latests updates of our software AniBio in LASA from the 22nd...
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Data minig applied to mass spectrometry imaging

LifeSciencesLab November/December 2012 The LifeSciencesLab magazine published an article on its bioinformatics section about mass spectrometry imaging written by NorayBio’s...
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Romania opens NorayBio’s commercial portfolio in Eastern Europe

A new client will be working with the key software of NorayBio, Anybio, in order to manage its studies. The...
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Labotal, new NorayBio distritutor in Israel

NorayBio has reached a collaboration agreement with the local company Labotal for the distribution of its software solutions in the...
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NorayBio: information technology for bioscience

"ICEX." The Icex technology website, “España, Technology for Life”, publishes an extensive article of the activities of NorayBio and...
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New business alliance of NorayBio in Brazil

NorayBio has reached a distribution agreement with the Brazilian company Instrulab to accomplish the commercial activity of its software products...
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NorayBio continues in Chile with the opening of the market in Latin America

Thanks to the attendance at the "First International Scientific Encounter for the Optimization of Murine Models in Research", NoraBio has...
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Completion of the European Project Nanodetect

Since the beginning in 2008, NorayBio has participated in the development of the European Project NANODETECT, with a duration of...
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