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Regenerative medicine applied to spinal cord injury and damage to the peripheral nervous system: new advanced therapy products and diagnostic tools

INNPACTO 2011 - 2013 Ministry of Science and Innovation

Project Code: IPT-2011-0742-900000

Received grant: 322.062,03€

project funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation under the 2011 call of the programme for public-private collaboration, INNPACTO subprogramme.


The main objective of the NeuroReg project is the creation of regenerative medicine products and diagnostic tools for spinal cord injury and damage in the peripheral nervous system. It will be achieved by combining the following three aspects:
1. Cells, in particular mesenchymal stem cells, because of its potential for the development of cell therapies.
2. Innovative biomaterials that serve as support for the development of Tissue Engineering technologies.
3. Technologies based on image analysis systems and software for diagnosis and treatment monitoring of new advanced therapies in the regeneration of nerve damage.

Activity of NorayBio

Development of a software prototype called NEUROMASS in order to analyze nervous tissue samples using image analysis by mass spectrometry (IMS). It allows to identify differentiating regions of the nervous tissue and to join them to compounds through various statistical techniques in order to obtain, among others, differential regions by its composition, markers and location of compounds.

Developed in collaboration with

Histocell, S.L.
Universidad del País Vasco
Fundación para la Investigación Biosanitaria de Andalucía Oriental Alejandro Otero
Fundación Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos

Noray Bioinformatics, S.L.U.
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