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AniBio. Software for the management of animal facilities.


What is AniBio?

AniBio is a user-friendly software, designed to facilitate the management of tasks carried out in animal facilities. It also helps the user to carry out the daily tasks and avoids mistakes thanks to the automatic alerts.

What does AniBio allow to do?

  • Mantain traceability of each animal: registration / unique file
  • Manage animal allocation
  • Manage breeding and litters
  • Register new users and manage them
  • Register incidents
  • Associate animals to projects
  • Plan activities (plugs, births, weanings)
  • Generate reports and statistics

How does AniBio work?

AniBio is a modular application that consists of interconnected functionalities:
Order management
Statistics and reports
Ethical Committee
Management of animals and breeding
Drugs registry
And many more...

Which AniBio edition do you need?

Choose the edition that best meets your needs depending on your workflow or your centre's structure.

AniBio Basic

For those looking for a professional tool to manager their animal facility

AniBio Advanced

For those who need extra functionalities (services, financial management, etc.) and want to use web tools to communicate with the researchers.


For platforms with "n" animal facilities who require cooperation and a global management.

AniBio Pharma

A different view of the application, created thinking in its workflows.
Windows 10 Compatible








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