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NorayBio makes its first sales in Chile and Brazil as part of its Latin-America’s strategic move

apuesta latinoamerica

“Business strategy”

NorayBio also opens doors with new clients in Romania, Norway and Belgium.

The company starts its American client portfolio with two clients in Brazil and one in Chile. After an extensive commercial activity, NorayBio has recently closed its first sales in these two countries and it also maintains several contacts.

The last main fair of the sector in this continent was held in Uruguay, where NorayBio had the chance to resume negotiations with universities and investigation centres from Urugay, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil. The next meeting will be in May in Mexico, where NorayBio expects to see the results of the previous efforts and work accomplished miles away, as part of a global company that serves clients regardless where they are.

In the European continent NorayBio has signed an increasing number of contracts with countries like Belgium, Romania and Norway, markets where the company conducts business visits as well as scientific symposiums.

The internationalization strategy of NorayBio is a key part in the company development, even more when the potential clients such as hospitals, investigation centres and universities are suffering cuttbacks national and internationally. NorayBio, thanks to its innovative products, has achieved a leading postion in the national and european sector, meeting scientific community’s needs.

NoraBio has a consolidated staff of biologists, veterinarians, computer experts and physicists. Last year, the company had a turnover of 1.8 million euros, figure that it is expected to be doubled in the following three years thanks to its internationalization strategy.

Noraybio Biosciences Group is the first biotechnological group in the Basque Country. It is formed by NorayBio, dedicated to the development, commercialization and implementantion of software for the biosciences sector, and Histocell, aimed at the development of new products and drugs in cell therapy for regenerative medicine.

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