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"Clinical Decision Support platform for Pancreatic Cancer"

EUROSTARS-2 (2017-2019)

Call identifier: E! 10959 / CIIP-20171003

Grant: 200.624,40€

Project funded by the EUROSTARS-2 Programme and co-funded by the CDTI and the European Union Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.


iKnowIT developed a clinically validated Interfacing Platform called, iMedFrame, that enabled personalised treatment and prognosis for pancreatic cancer.

iMedFrame contain three modules that enable 1) Analysis of OMICS and Electronic Health Records, 2) Generic interfacing with hospital data management systems and 3) Personal treatment advice. iMedFrame and its modules are easy to use for clinicians and researchers. This approach empowers iMedFrame, ensuring smooth uptake by its end users.

The goal of iKnowIT was to develop a novel state-of-the-art product (iMedFrame) for use by medical institutions to help clinicians save patient's lives, optimise treatment regimens and reduce healthcare costs, specifically aimed at pancreatic cancer. iMedFrame contains three novel elements, making it a fully functional and powerful product. These elements are:

  • 1. iDiscover, a software platform with extensive set of analysis modules/toolbox for analysis of OMICS and Electronic Health Records (EHR) data, with a modular architecture for integration of future analysis modules.

    Importantly, iDiscover was suitable for use by medical researchers without a statistical background to discover new disease associations, identify novel disease-assosiated algorithms and to predict and personalize healthcare treatment for any medical disease.

  • 2. Secure "OMICS" analysis & reporting (SOAR), that enabled generic interfacing with hospital data management systems such that large omics datasets could easily be used in the platform.
  • 3. Pancreatic Insightful Treatment Advise (PITA), a tool to guide clinicians in personalising the treatment and prognosis of pancreatic cancer.

These three elements were integrated into iMedFrame and validated in one of the largest university medical centres in Europe using prospective patient data obtained from pancreatic cancer patients. The main result of iKnowIT was thus the development of a product that by using an integrative, multidisciplinary approach leads to better treatment, longer lives and better quality of life for pancreas cancer patients.

Activity of NorayBio:

NorayBio was the leader of the iKnowIT Project, responsible for iDiscover and for and important part of the design and development of iMKedFrame. The company also participated in the development and validation of the two other elements.

NoraBio was pleased to increase its health software portfolio thanks to this project.

Developed in colaboration with:

Omnigen B.V.
Erasmus MC

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Results of the proyect: NorXplore


Within the framework of the IknowIT project, the commercial product the NorXplore platform was generated from the IDicover prototype. NorXplore was a group of sophisticated mathematica tools for data exploration, mining, predictive modeling, and visualization.

Characteristics of NorXplore

Data exploratory framework

User friendly interpretation of the results

Intuitive data mining module

    Sophisticated math methods made easy:

  • Feature extraction
  • Non-linear dimensionality reduction
  • Association rules analysis
  • Clustering
  • ...

Predictive modeling

  • Easily build predictive models
  • Methods: ANN, SVM, Bayesian classifiers, decision trees...
  • Automated selection of model(s): boosting / bagging
  • Validation + prediction

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