NorayBanks Catalogue

NorayBanks Catalogue Your automated virtual sample catalogue

NorayBanks Catalogue is a web solution to make visible the activity of the biobank/institution, publish its catalogue of collections and fully manage the sample requests received from the scientific community. It allows the creation of collaborative catalogues among different biobanks and institutions working in a network, and is especially aimed at biobanks and research centres.

NorayBanks Catalogue key features

  • The biobank creates the catalogue and publishes the samples
    • Catalogue configuration
    • Sample publication
    • Automatic catalogue update
  • The researcher searches for samples in the catalogue and makes the request
    • Agile and intuitive search engine
    • User registration
    • Request registration
    • Project documentation provision
  • The biobank manages the request and sends the sample
    • Ongoing communication with the researcher
    • Approval management
    • Sample preparation
    • Documantation and information for the researcher
  • Closing of the application
    • The biobank and the researcher close the request
    • Evaluation of the level of service provided

Our strengths

  • AccessibilityCatalogue with public access and registration/management of sample requests with private access.
  • SecurityIndependent and isolated database in which only the information of the collection to be published is collected.
  • Configuration/customisationIt allows configuring the information on the collections and samples to be published, as well as the documantation that the scientific community must provide when requesting samples.
  • InteroperabilityIntegrable with your biobank/institution’s sample management software, allowing automatic catalogue updates.


  • Automatically updated catalogue.
  • Visibility of the biobank / institution and sample collections.
  • Minimisation of workloads for catalogue maintenance staff.
  • Integration in a single tool of different applications and databases (samples, applicants, requests, submissions…).
  • Standardisation and harmonisation of the information published in the catalogue.
  • Possibility to create collaborative networks among different biobanks or institutions.
  • Exploitation of information to identify trends and new market needs.
  • Easier access to information about the biobank/institution and its collections and samples.
  • Simpler sample application procedures.
  • Optimising communication between the scientific community and the biobank/institution.
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