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AniBio. Software for the management of animal facilities.

AniBio. Animal facility management software

What is AniBio?

AniBio is an easy-to-use software solution designed to improve the management of animal facility and the animals, facilitating the tasks and daily activities of each user and ensuring the traceability of data.

Likewise, AniBio provides users with the creation of the statistical tables required by EU members, and other reports depending on the country.

What tasks does AniBio allow to carry out?


Animal passport file: centralisation of relevant information of each animal in a single document
Traceability: generation of automatic individual code, animal historical
Breeding: Genogram, pedigree
Animal management: genetically modified and not modified animals
Cryopreservation: sperm, embryos, ovules...
Revitalisation and line maintenance: rederivation, IVF...
Experimental activities


Facility structure:
management of racks, rooms and areas
Room and equipment review
Stock control: consumables and drugs
Room and equipment booking
Storage management

Discover what tasks you can perform according to your profile.
100% configurable profiles

  • Project supervision
    Centralised access to all information
    Legislation and reporting
    Users and competences
    Communication with different profiles
    System administration
    Management of resources and activities
    Data standardisation
    Process optimisation
  • Animal welfare
    Exams and chronic treatments
    Alerts and incidents
    Medicines control
    Health controls
  • Activity planning
    Animal location
    Alerts and incidents
    Label generation
    Communication with other profiles
    Task optimisation
  • Requests: animals and services
    Animals and procedures consultation
  • Invoicing by project or PI
    Tariff generation
    Automatic cost control
    Bill delivery

Choose the edition that best suits your needs

AniBio Basic

For those in search of a professional tool for the management of their animal facility.

AniBio Advanced

For those who need extra functionalities (services, financial management...) and want to use web tools to communicate with researchers.

AniBio Premium

The most complete version of AniBio. Access to all available modules (cryopreservation, drug management...) for an optimal and efficient management of the animal facility.


AniBio Plat is a complementary version for complex platforms composed of "x" animal facilities that require cooperation and global management.

What type of installation do you want?

Web Desktop

AniBio Desktop

If you want a local version of AniBio to have more control of the information, our technical team will install AniBio at your premises.

AniBio Web Based

Run AniBio on any device (Mac, PC, tablet, iPad or Smartphone) from the browser. No previous installation needed in each computer.

You already have almost all the information you need.
Contact us now to see an AniBio demo adapted to your animal's activity.


Integration with other systems

AniBio is integrated with Tecniplast DVC.

AniBio allows to transfer to the Tecniplast DVC (Digital Ventilated Cage) all the information associated with the animals included in the rack cages. Communication between the two systems offers a real-time view from the rack management interface and AniBio,

When you choose NorayBio, you have NorayBio guarantee

  • Technical support by a team with more than 15 years of experience
  • Personalised support in several languages
  • Software with international recognition in the field of biosciences

Supplementary services

  • Migration
  • Consultancy
  • Extra training
  • Set up project
  • Integration with other systems




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Latest news

May 21

AniBio Quick Guide

NorayBio offers its customers an online platform for the autonomous learning of the animal facilities management software, AniBio. AniBio Quick Guide is a platform where AniBio users will be able to learn the software's functionalities, renew their knowledge, and solve doubts autonomously through short explanatory videos. Read more

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Nov 30


Our AniBio commercial team will be present at AFSTAL 2021, to be held from November 30 to December 2 in Marseille (France). If you want to meet them, write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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