AniBio Plus

AniBio Plus
Management of the complet cycle of animal research

AniBio Plus is the result of the integration of AniBio, for the management of the animal facility, and NorayBanks, for the management of biological samples.

What advantages does AniBio Plus offer?

AniBio Plus thus becomes a solution that makes possible to manage the complete cycle of animal research, keeping the traceability from their entry into the animal facility to the exploitation of their samples.
In addition, all the historical information can be consulted from the animal’s file, unifying data search and improving efficiency.

As part of the AniBio Plus solution, NorayBanks will allow you to:
    • Configure the data to be collected in the system (sample information, sample types, carried out processes, storage…).
    • Register, manage and exploit all the information associated with the samples, animals and extraction times.
    • Process and generate new samples from obtained ones.
    • Obtain labels and register storage.
    • Work with large volumes of samples through its bulk data upload systems.
    • Register sample shipments to analytical laboratories, projects or external centres.

Do you want to know all the functionalities NorayBanks offers?

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Who is it aimed at?

  • Researchers/as
    AniBio Plus as a tool for research groups to independently record and exploit samples obtained from their animals.
  • Research centres
    AniBio Plus as a comprehensive management system for animal facilities and associated units that process samples derived from their activity.
  • Platforms
    AniBio Plus as a national repository of animal samples where research centres can consult and share information related to them.
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