Animal colony & facility management software

AniBio is a software designed to comprehensively manage the daily work of the animal facility and experimentation with animal models.

It involves all the actors involved in its operation through a centralised system, obtaining an improvement in communication, complete historical traceability and, in short, an increase in the quality of the animal facility service and the resulting research.

Functional description

  • Animals:
    • Orders
    • Housing
    • Breeding and IVF
    • Services and tasks
    • Incidents
    • Experimentation and follow-up
  • Facilities:
    • Legislation and reports
    • Financial management
    • Competences and training records
    • Bookings
    • Drug and consumable stock
    • Room and equipment review

User profile

The management of daily activity from the point of view of each role.

  • Research:
    Study planning

    • Experimental templates
    • Assignable tasks
    • Deadlines
    • Budget expenses

    Transgenic management

    • Sample cryopreservation
    • Breeding productivity rates
    • Bulk genotyping
    • Customisable colours
  • Management:


    • Per diem statistics
    • Staff workloads
    • Billing & invoicing
    • Compliance (AWO)

    Request management

    • Orders
    • Services
    • Bookings
    • Consumables
  • Animal care:

    Animial handling

    • Graphical housing view
    • Daily incidents / events
    • Labels & barcodes
    • Room reviews
  • Animal care:

    Veterinary follow-up

    • Health checks
    • Treatments & pharmacy
    • Welfare sheets
    • Re-use approvals

Technical features

Choose how you want to access the application and where your data is hosted.

  • Hosting:


    • Installation on your institution’s internal server.



    • Cloud installation provided by NorayBio.
  • Access:

    Desktop application

    • Accessible via local app installed in each device.


    Web Based

    • Remote access via standard web browsers.

Additional services

  • Product
    • Data migration
    • Integrations
      • Smart cages such as “Digital Ventilated Cages (DVC)”
      • Mass genotyping tools such as “Transnetyx”
      • Digital labels such as “Cage Talkers”
    • Customised development
  • Implementación
    • Consultancy
    • Autonomous e-learning platform
    • Assistance in configuration

Licensing model

Ad-hoc licence adapted to the size of the animal facility and for an unlimited number of users.

  • Lifetime
    • One-off payment with unlimited time access to the application.
  • Subscription
    • Access to the application during the contracted time.

Advantages of use

Leading software in the sector, proven by its functional maturity and expansion.

  • Product
    • Top 3 in top academic institutions.
    • Unique and integrable software catalogue to complement the solution.
    • Product development based on feedback from animal managers.
    • Available in 10 languages.
  • Company
    • More than 20 years of experience.
    • 180 implementations in more than 15 countries.
    • Personalised support in several languages.
    • Multidisciplinary team with scientific background.

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