Our history

Our history

2022 New markets and more than 50 R&D projects

Our main product lines, software for the management of animal facilities and software for the management of biological samples collections, have added new customers in Portugal and Uruguay. In addition, NorayBio has participated in over 50 R&D projects.

2018 Present in more that 21 countries with more than 250 cutomers

We have solid and trustworthy products, and our customers confidence.

First sales in Argentina.

2017 15 years with you

We reinforce the strength of the company after 15 years of experience offering the best solutions and learning from our customers.

With presence in 4 continents thanks to our commercial force and various commercial alliances.

We return to the Nordic market with the first sales in Sweden.

2016 Oceania

New distribution agreement in Australia and New Zealand.

2015 82% international turnover

Primeras ventas en Polonia.

2014 North America

Starting in Canada thanks to a distribution agreement, the first sales in North America arrive, along with South Korea and Estonia.

2013 Asian and Latin American markets

Ready to work in these markets with our new distributors.

First sales in Brazil and Belgium.

2012 We turn 10!

Belgium, Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Mexico, Norway, The Netherlands, Romania, Spain and United Kingdom are open markets and with commercial presence.

2011 Leaders in Spain

The Spanish market is consolidated and international turnover reaches 78% with the incorporation of markets such as Italy and The Netherlands.

2009 Opening of the French market

Francia would become our most important market after Spain. First sales made this year.

AENOR certifies us with its ISO 9001 Norm guaranteeing that: NorayBio is a company with an effective system to manage and improve the quality of its products or services.

2008 Betting on the international market

Once our best work done in the Spanish market, we decide to cross the border to our neighbour countries, France and Italy. This year, international turnover would be 16%. manage and improve the quality of its products or services.

2006 Consolidation of the Spanish market

Growth of the customer portfolio in Spain and first sales in Finland.

2005 Fist international sales

NorayBio was born with a marked global character, which led to the first sale in the United Kingdom.

2004 2 consecutive Eureka Awards

In 2003 and 2004 we received the Eureka Award for the Young Entreprenurial Idea and the Promotion of Employment.

2003 First sale in Spain

Start of commercial work and first sale in Spain.

2002 Software for biosciences

October the 21st, 2002, Julio Font and Marta Acilu set up Noray Bioinformatics, S.L. with the aim of offering software solutions for the emerging market of biosciences.

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