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New business alliance of NorayBio in Brazil

Noraybio in Brasil

NorayBio has reached a distribution agreement with the Brazilian company Instrulab to accomplish the commercial activity of its software products in the country .

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NorayBio continues in Chile with the opening of the market in Latin America

Thanks to the attendance at the "First International Scientific Encounter for the Optimization of Murine Models in Research", NoraBio has established a direct partnership with an important number of potential clients in Chile, other countries in Latin America and in Brazil.

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Completion of the European Project Nanodetect

Project Nanodetect

Since the beginning in 2008, NorayBio has participated in the development of the European Project NANODETECT, with a duration of 42 months and subsidised under the “VII Marco Programme”, theme FP7-LBBE-2007-1.

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France, key element in the international expansion of NorayBio

France has been an important support, necessary for the entry of NorayBio in Europe. The trust of our neighbours in the AniBio Line software is our best businness card in order to continue with the commercial activity in Europe.

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