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Tecniplast DVC talks to AniBio software from NorayBio

Tecniplast & NorayBio are pleased to announce the successful integration of NorayBio’s AniBio Animal Management System with Tecniplast DVC System. Both companies will present this integration at next AALAS International meeting that will be held in Austin (Texas) October 16th-18th.

The integration interface allows AniBio to transfer to DVC all data associated to animals included in the cages. This integration avoids information overlapping, minimising time, efforts & errors in system data introduction. This information transfer on animal and cages between the two systems offers a real time view from rack management user interface and AniBio.

Marta Acilu, NorayBio General Manager

"Integration of AniBio and DVC offers significant advantages for users of both systems: AniBio provides to DVC users all individual animal information traceability and DVC sensor network provides environmental and location information associated to animals welfare to AniBio management system. Both systems integration will provide to Lab animal Science more powerful tools to improve daily operations and facility management."

Giorgio Rosati, Digilab Market Manager

"DVCTM system is greatly growing in terms of features and wide usage in the field. More and more users are experiencing the benefits of the entire system. This official integration with AniBio software will dramatically help the users to speed up some common processes and positively impact on the overall Facility workflows."

About Tecniplast DVC

DVC ™ is a revolutionary technology that introduces digital intelligence into the daily management of laboratory animal facilities. A sensor network monitors intra-cage conditions, which is essential for animal welfare. DVC is equipped with seven modules that continuously monitor, detect and record data concerning bedding conditions, food and water levels, cage flooding (AWS), cage location, and animal activity in every cage. 24/7 data generation enables the establishment of the desired parameters to achieve optimal cage environmental conditions, improve workflow in the daily operations and reduce costs through better utilisation of resources.

About NorayBio’s AniBio

AniBio is NorayBio’s software solution for the management of laboratory animal research facilities. With more than 15 years of experience and more than 120 international customers in 15 countries for this product, AniBio® software operates at a global level, managing lab animal experimentation at major research centres, universities, breeders and pharmaceutical companies. AniBio® has successfully passed the tests performed by Microsoft (Microsoft Platform Tests for ISV Solutions) and thus NorayBio is accredited as Microsoft Certified Partner.

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NorayBio takes part in the "4th International Conference on Environmental Specimen Banks"

NorayBio en 4th International Conference on Environmental Specimen Banks

NorayBio, thanks to its experience in computer tools that facilitate the day-to-day work of a biobank, will take part in the 4th IESB congress, held in Bilbao from 2 to 4 October.

Attendees will be able to enjoy a technical seminar that will take place on Monday afternoon on the technical solutions available for the management of biobanks, to be held at the Auditorium of the UPV / EHU in Abandoibarra.

Back to school! First stops, Poland and Sweden, and... October full of surprises!

NorayBio en Global Biobanking Week
NorayBio en PolLASA

NorayBio starts September with lots of energy. After PolLASA congress in Warsaw, our sales team flew to Stockholm to attend the Global Biobanking Week.

These were were really great opportunities to catch up after the summer holidays, and show our latest innovations for AniBio and NorayBanks software solutions.

Is this all? Oh, no! Our anniversary is comming! In October NorayBio will be 15. Fifteen years working for the improvement of the management of the information generated in biosciences research.
Do you want to celebrate with us?
We will show you the good news coming next month soon!

NorayBio takes part in the new R&D European proyect iKnowIT - 03.07.2017

New NorayBio R&D project. iKnowIT

The objective of iKnowIT is to develop a state-of-the-art product, iMedFrame, addressed to medical institutions in order to help doctors to improve pancreatic cancer patients’ life expectancy, optimize treatments and reduce medical costs.

This project, funded by the EUROSTARS-2 Programme and co-funded by the CDTI and the European Union Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, is developed in collaboration with Omnigen B.V. and Erasmus M.C.

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