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NorayBanks Catalogue. Your catalogue of biological samples available to the Scientific Community.

NorayBanks Catalogue. Tu catálogo de muestras biológicas

What is NorayBanks Catalogue?

NorayBanks Catalogue is a website where you can make the activity of the biobank / institution visible, publish your catalogue of collections and fully manage the requests for samples received from the scientific community.

It allows the creation of collaborative catalogues between different biobanks and institutions that work in a network and is especially aimed at biobanks and research centres.

Flow of NorayBanks Catalogue


The biobank creates the catalogue and publishes the samples

Catalogue configuration
Publication of samples
Automatic update of the catalogue


The researcher makes the sample request

User registration
Request registration
Attachment of project documentation


The biobank deliveries the samples

Attachment of documentation and information for the researcher


The researcher looks for the samples in the catalogue

Agile and intuitive search engine


The biobank manages the request

Continuous communication with the researcher
Approval management
Preparation of samples


Request closing

Biobank and researcher close the request.
Monitoring of offered service level.

Your catalogue updated automatically.

Whether you use NorayBanks software to manage your samples, or you use other software, you will be able to update your catalogue automatically thanks to the integration capacity of NorayBanks Catalogue.

Main features


Via all major internet browsers.
Catalogue with public access, and registration/management of sample requests with private access..


The introduction of the biobank/institution and the activity it develops can be customised.
It allows you to configure the information of the collections and samples that you wish to publish, as well as the information/documentation that the scientific community must provide when requesting samples.


It does not compromise the security of sensitive/confidential/personal information as it is an independent and isolated database in which only the information of the collections and samples that you wish to publish is collected.


Integrable with the sample management software of your biobank/institution, which allows automatic updating of the catalogue.


Catalogue continuously updated automatically.
Visibility of the biobank/institution and of the sample collections.
Minimisation of the workload of the personnel in charge of maintaining the catalogue.
Integration in a single tool of different applications and databases (samples, applicants, requests, shipments…)
Standardisation and harmonisation of the information published in the catalogue.
Possibility of creating collaborative networks between different biobanks/institutions.
Exploitation of information to discover trends and new market needs.
Facilitation of access to the information of the biobank/institution and its collections and samples.
Facilitation of procedures to request samples.
Optimisation of communication between the scientific community and the biobank/institution.

NorayBio guarantee

  • Thechnical support by a team witch more than 15 years of experience
  • Personalised support in several languages
  • Software with international recognition in the field of biosciences

Complementary services

  • Consultancy
  • Extra training
  • Set-up project
  • Integration with other systems