“Health Data Integration”

ETORGAI 2014-2016

Dossier: ER-2014/00019

Project funded by the Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness of the Basque Governmentand the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).

This project aims at creating a new hospital model which will allow a radical change in the effectiveness and the sustainability of medical treatments thanks to a technological leap in the production and management of clinical data.

As area of development, it focuses on a cancer treatment centre. The main objective is to create a new data management model in relation to a treatment decision which 1- prolongs survival in patients with advanced cancer and 2- promotes the financial sustainability of the healthcare system which applies it. After having created the model, it will be used in other areas of health care since it is an adaptable product.

The intermediate goals of innovation have to allow the achievement of the main objective. These goals are grouped into three levels of technology:

  • 1. Development of a new multidimensional platform for the clinical data management. This tool will allow the user to group all the data (the usual and the one of innovative generation) and to ask them about their connection with the therapeutic results.
  • 2. Research of new non-described connections between the integrated data in the platform and the therapeutic effectiveness so that the therapeutic decision can be guided and the results in effectiveness and efficiency can be increased.
  • 3. Innovation in products which will allow the systematization and exploration of new clinical data sources relating to the following areas.

Within the framework of HEDAI, the specific objective of NorayBio is the development of technology which will allow the interrogation of multiple and complex clinical data for the characterisation of non-described associations with the therapeutic effectiveness.

The HEDAI project will allow NorayBio to apply its previous tools and knowledge in an area which they are perfectly familiar with, to obtain a new product which will increase the company’s portfolio, and to lead to different versions opening a world of trading opportunities due to the flexibility given.

Summary of the results of the project after its fulfillment in December 2016

The participation of NorayBio in the HEDAI project consisted in the development of decision making support tools for different cancer treatment thanks to the information of a molecular sign panel. For that purpose, NorayBio used sophisticated mathematics to create predictive algorithms that have been validated with information from samples of the project and integrated afterwards in an overall system together with information from other techniques.

Besides, this tool includes a machine learning frame as well as a decision making help system, adaptable to other diseases, that facilitates the use of modelling and prediction tools for treatment optimization. The social benefits are evident: cost savings for the Health Service and improvement in patient’s quality of life.