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"Clinical Decision Support platform for Pancreatic Cancer" EUROSTARS-2 (2017-2019) Call identifier: E! 10959 / CIIP-20171003 Grant: 200.624,40€ Project funded by...
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"Smart device for monitoring and optimization of customized treatments of biological drugs". Basque Government: HAZITEK 2016-2017 Programme Project Code: ZL-2016/00169...
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“New services and products for testing optimization in the development of new drugs: Implementation in Malaria.” Basque Government: HAZITEK 2017-2018...
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The social benefits are evident: cost savings for the Health Service and improvement in patient’s quality of life. Call identifier:...
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"Health Data Integration" ETORGAI 2014-2016 Dossier: ER-2014/00019 Project funded by the Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness of the Basque...
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BIO knowLEDGe Extrator and Modeller for Protein Production FP7 EU Commision Project Code: PF7-KBBE-289126 Project funded by the European Commission...
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Development of tailored antimicrobial treatment regimens and novel host-pathogen insights for respiratory tract infection and sepsis EU Commission 2013-2017 Call...
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Systems Biology and bioanalytical tools for nutrition research EU Commission 2009-2012 Project Code: KBBE-2007-2A-222639-2 Project funded by the European Community...
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Regenerative medicine applied to spinal cord injury and damage to the peripheral nervous system: new advanced therapy products and diagnostic...
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Biotechnology applied to the development of new diagnostic and prognostic tools of complex diseases PROFIT 2008-2009. Ministry of Science and...
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Personalised medicine applied to clinical diagnosis ETORGAI. Basque Government 2008-2011 Project Code: IEI08-003 Project financed by the Basque Government under...
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Ethanol research and development for automotive CENIT 2007-2010. Centre for the Industrial Development CDTI Project Code: CEN-20071031 Project funded by...
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Scientific research aimed at developing a new generation of food for weight control and obesity prevention. Centre for the Industrial...
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GENetic NETworks: Emergence and Complexity EU Commission 2006-2009 Project Code: IST-2005-5-034952 Project funded by the European Commission under a contract...
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Multidisciplinary approach of Alzheimer's disease CENIT 2008-2012. Centre for the Industrial Development CDTI Project code: CENIT-2008/1013 Project funded by the...
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Development of nanosensors for the detection of quality parameters along food chain EU Commision 2008-2011 Proyect Code: KBBE-2007-1-211906 Project financed...
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Development of a bioinformatic software application for modelling and optimising the generation of transgenic animals INTEK. Basque Government 2008-2009 Project...
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MOdular education for interdisciplinary Systems BIOlogy Leonardo Da Vinci 2007-2009. European Commission (FP7) Project Code: LLB-LdV/TOI/2007/LV/009
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Preparation, validation and commercialisation of toxicogenomic chip prototypes INTEK. Basque Government 2009-2010 Proyect Code: IG-2009/0000141 Project co-financed by the Basque...
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Development of a protein chip for colorectal cancer based on markers regulated by ID1 and ID2 PROFIT 2007-2008. Ministry of...
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