NorayBio takes part in the 15th Edition of JIS GO Live 2020

The Conference on Health Informatics is held in Buenos Aires between the 2nd and the 4th of November 2020, and the different sessions have several top-level national and international speakers. Among them, Imanol Carnero, Unit Director at NorayBio Software.

The presentation expounded on Wednesday, November 4 at 11h is included in the thematic block “Laboratories and Pathological Anatomy”. Through this colloquium, Imanol Carnero reflects the importance of efficient management in the computerised processing of data in scientific research. In order to illustrate the consequences of an ineffective management, he introduces real cases of companies of the sector, as well as his own experience in the NorayBio Software company.

This meeting was born in 2003, thanks to the Health Informatics Department of the Italian Hospital and it is focused on the discipline of Health Informatics. Once more, JIS Go Live offers participants and guests a multidisciplinary space for the exchange of knowledge. The most significant difference of the Conference with respect to other editions is the online modality in which it takes place. The virtual platform is avaliable both for speakers and guests.

The event is aimed to health staff, researchers, engineers, software developers, product suppliers companies, as well as students. This new virtual context of the conference allows for the first time to bring together a wider audience and a plurality of expert voices in the same event in order to enrich each of the proposed content.

In the context of the JIS Go Live 2020, also take place the Meet the Expert meetings, the II Symposium of Informatics in Nursing, the I Symposium of Artificial Intelligence, and a wide range of educational proposals in online courses. These courses will explore all kind of contents, experiences and challenges related with this discipline and its growing insertion in the health sector.