NoraBio participates in the european project BIOLEDGE

BIOLEDGE: BIO knowLEDGe Extractor and Modeller for Protein Production.

The main objective of the project is the bioinformatics platforms development related to modelling in order to support the biotechnological application in the protein production field.

The development of tools and bioinformatics platforms is aimed to improve the current data exploitation which is generated for a specific use in the industrial biotechnology sector. It will allow new opportunities in this field and the participating PYMES will benefit from being suppliers or final users of the tool. NorayBio coordinates the WP5 and it has a key role in the BIOLEDGE platform development. Its main contribution is the mining tools integration of data and text developed in the project within the existing database. Researcher will be able to manage and share data in a user-friendly interface and benefit from the common knowledge in order to obtain better and more intuitive results. Companies and universities from Spain, Findland, Germany and the UK are participating in this project.