Functional and up-to-date software focused on performance and user experience

NorayBio presents new updates that will allow a better user experience, as well as an optimisation of data entry in AniBio Aquatic and NorayDocs.

The evolution and constant development of our software are some of the objectives for us at NorayBio, in order to offer our customers solutions that allow them managing the large amount of data derived from their research in a safe and efficient manner. In this sense, we launched the new versions of AniBio Aquatic and NorayDocs:

AniBio Aquatic 2020

The new version of the software for the management of aquatic models, AniBio Aquatic, allows greater performance thanks to the new functionalities developed and implemented. Users will be able to optimise processes through new flows and reduce time in data entry thanks to the new possibilities offered by this version.

NorayDocs 2020

Regarding the project evaluation software, NorayDocs, the new version facilitates communication between users and accessibility, in an environment with greater usability.

Furthermore, this version of NorayDocs goes together with NorayDocs Quick Guide. This is an online platform that allows autonomous learning of the software through short explanatory videos, which users can access at any time to renew their knowledge and solve doubts about how the application works.