Completion of the European Project Nanodetect

Since the beginning in 2008, NorayBio has participated in the development of the European Project NANODETECT, with a duration of 42 months and subsidised under the “VII Marco Programme”, theme FP7-LBBE-2007-1.

The 28th of February 2012, the closing event of the project was held in San Hutton, York, Unided Kingdom. Representatives from the European dairy sector were invited in order to spread the results of the project.

The prototype of the equipment NANODETECT was introduced in that event, with the approach of the parallel analysis of three test types in raw milk:
*Detection of antibiotic wastes: sulfamides and aminoglycosides.
*Detection of mycotoxins: aflatoxins M1
*Detection of fraud, by the mixture of cow’s milk in sheep’s or goat’s milk.

Designed with simplicity and ease of use, the user just needs to place a container with the sample being tested and click on the start button of the machine. This equipment, that allows the parallel analysis of the three contaminants, simplifies the sample preparation, saves time and costs and improves efficiency. The obtained results are stored in a relational database for their later use in a data processing and management software, designed by NorayBio and other associates. This tool enables the comparison between the test results and the legal limits from the European Community Legislation. A report of the analysis is issued and it allows to manage previous tests, as well as all the information about samples such as farm of origin, test date etc. This software shows the results of the analysis visually, in green when the sample is within the legal limits, in yellow if there is a doubt of being contaminated or in red when it exceeds legal boundaries. It also shows charts for sample comparisons depending on different variables: milk origin, date, contaminant, etc.