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AniBio Aquatic. Software for the research management with aquatic models


What is AniBio Aquatic?

AniBio Aquatic, software for the research management with aquatic models, has been developed to improve and facilitate the management of the principal daily activities and the registered data generated in aquatic animals research centres.

AniBio Aquatic ensures the traceability of the data obtained in the research centre.

What tasks does AniBio Aquatic allow to carry out?

Order Management: Manage and control the orders with AniBio Aquatic, identifying animals by batch
Passport: centralisation of relevant information of each animal batch in a unique printable document/file
Batch Traceability: generate an automatic code per batch, batch historic, etc.
Breeding: breeding and clutch, genogram and pedigree
Experimental activities
System administration
Transgenic lines management
Facility structure:
management of racks, rooms and areas
Water parameters control
Tank and room reviews

Discover what tasks you can perform according to your profile.
100% configurable profiles

Project supervision
Legislation and reporting
Comunication with other profiles
Centralised access to all the information
Users and competences
System administration
Data standardisation
Personnel registration and management
Requests to animal facility: animals and servicies
Animals and procedures consultation
Alerts and incidents
Comunication with other profiles
Animal location
Label generation
Breeding management

What type of installation do you want?

AniBio Aquatic Local

If you want a Local version of AniBio Aquatic to have more control of the information. Our technical team will facilitate the installation.

AniBio Aquatic Web Based

Run AniBio on any device (Mac, PC, tablet, iPad or Smartphone)from the browser. No previous installation needed in each computer.

You already have almost all the information you need.

Contact us now to see an AniBio demo adapted to your animal's activity.s casi toda la información que necesitas.

When you choose NorayBio, you have NorayBio guarantee

  • Technical support by a team with more than 15 years of experience
  • Personalised support in several languages
  • Software with international recognition in the field of biosciences

Complementary services

  • Migration
  • Consultancy
  • Extra training
  • Set-up project
  • Integration with other systems