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What is NorayLIMS OMICS?

NorayLIMS OMICS is a bioinformatics platform that integrates, stores and analyses information from genomics, proteomics and metabolomics studies in human and animal models. It allows to easily extract hidden information by data mining techniques in order to obtain possible markers and/or therapeutic target or, in general, variables and relevant connections for the study.

How does NorayLIMS OMICS work?

1. General data entry

  • Information introduction for its later use in characterising the cases: species, strains, relationships, ethnicities, donors, etc.
  • Design of a variable template, by a dynamic designer in order to automate the entry.
  • Data entry through the variable template and other import tools.

2. Analysis

  • Definition of the dataset to analyse (case selection and variables).
  • Selection of the analysis type.
  • Interpretation of the obtained results.

3. Management and query

  • Data search and maintenance
  • Obtaining of automatic reports from analysis results

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